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A Visit to Hetuada

Joyful Life in Christ

After breakfast with Brother Wil’s family at our home I and my wife departed for Hetauda with Som and Hasana. We all were on motorbikes. Weather was pleasant. Road was medium. We dined together at one stop nearby Kulekhani hydro power damp.

After one hour drive we stopped at Chiuribagaicha where we met Brother Bir Bahadur Lama and his wife, Amar Lama, Sunu, Thuli Didi of El Elyon Church. They welcomed us with tea and heartily love. After half an our stay we headed to South again to reach Hetauda. We reached Hetauda by 5:30 where Brother Sabin and his wife Sharmila and their daughters welcomed us. They killed a chicken for our dinner.

After food we had a Bible study and prayer time together. I preached from Romans 14:17 about joy in the Holy Spirit. Why Christians many times do not have joy in their lives? Why there are struggles in fellowships among the Christians? Why there are rivalry among the Christians and churches? Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in Holy Spirit. We ought to live in joy and peace. Why should we not harvest the joy of the Lord for we are saved by his grace alone and live thereby. All things are sufficient for us in Christ. Let’s live a joyful life in Christ.

The book of Philippians many times repeated of joy and rejoice in the Lord. Again Paul suggested to rejoice in the Lord (4:4). Whatever challenges or sorrows we do have we can submit them to the Lord in prayers. Let the peace of God keep our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus  (Philippians 4:5-7).

We prayed together and had a good night rest. God blessed the day!

U/19 November 2017

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